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Are you a sole practitioner and don’t have enough time in your day. Read this!


Early mornings that lead into late nights. Getting to the post office by 5 AND waiting in line to get that certified mail sent. Marketing meetings, introduction lunches, networking, chamber events and you haven’t billed your first hour.

THEN, you have to schedule hearings, talk to the Judicial Assistants (JAs)—when you can talk to them—draft motions, petitions, and proposed orders. But wait, there’s more! You’ve got to figure out how the judge wants the proposed order and where the order should be sent. One judge wants an emailed order in Word, another judge wants it delivered through the E-Portal, and another—there’s always one (we know who they are), who wants it via snail mail. The rules change all the time—and so do the judges! And you STILL haven’t billed your first hour!


We cover the courthouse. You cover the rest.

One night, my wife, an attorney came home and said, “You know what would be great? A website that has the judicial procedures for all the judges in Florida.” I looked at her and said, “That’s a GREAT IDEA!”

She ate what she killed by day, and then, maybe had enough energy to read a story to our kids before they all fell asleep in bed together. Multiple trips to the courthouse. Over the last year, we’ve done the work that you hate to do yourself. We’ve called circuit courts, talked to judicial assistants, verified email, double and triple-checked that the civil judge who splits the alphabet is actually on the bench for your case. JudicialProcedures.com is here! You can find information about any judge in all 20 Florida circuits. We hope you will enjoy using this site to perform the tasks that once took you hours! Take that free time you’ve earned by using Judicial Procedures to enjoy your family, take a CLE, try a cooking class, or play some golf!

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